Dominik Residence is set in a privileged and quiet location, 300 meters from the seafront and the port of Scario. A small and picturesque seaside village on the slopes of Mount Bulgaria, Scario, is a coastal pearl of the Cilento National Park, about 4 kilometers from Policastro Bussentino and around 10 from Sapri. Immersed in clear waters and framed by lush vegetation, Scario is a major tourist destination. The very low level of urbanization has guaranteed the undisputed prestige of being awarded the Blue Flag annually.
The coastline that Scario develops southwest to Punta degli Infreschi is a true underwater paradise of the Mediterranean, a succession of small creeks, crags, narrow coves and cliffs, where you can admire the numerous and diversified marine Fauna.
By lurking, through impassable trails, Monte Bulgaria which sink into the sea, before going down with a gentle slope on the Cala degli Infreschi, hikers will enjoy unique landscapes and reach Torre Spinosa and Acqua Grotta.
By choosing among the many boats that depart daily from the port of Scario and by following Ulysses’ routes, who in the story of Homer passed through these waters and encountered the beautiful sirens, you will be able to arrive at enchanting beaches such as “I Gabbiani”, “Risima”, “Sciabica” and “I Francesi”. Among the most interesting, there is the marine park of Punta degli Infreschi and Masseta, both of which are accessible exclusively by boat.
For tourists with a vehicle, Residence Dominik is envisaged for its strategic location as an enviable starting point for an ‘on the road’ tour experience to discover the mythical coast, with it being just 25km from Maratea, 25km from Marina di Camerota and 30km from Palinuro.

Come raggiuncerci

  • By plane: the nearest airports are at Rome, Lamezia Terme, and Naples.
  • By train: all regional and Intercity trains stop in Sapri, which is only 15km from Residence Dominik and reachable by bus or taxi.
  • By car: take the A3 motorway, Salerno - Reggio Calabria till Padula Buonabitacolo exit, continue on Bussentina expressway and follow signs for San Giovanni a Piro - Scario.